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Premium floral bouquet with a gift card for a 50 minute Japanese Facial from Kelly Nickson Skin in downtown Santa Fe.


Oldies is a slow batch floral shop, we mindfully order and design a limited amount of premium bouquets. <3


  • Traditional Japanese face massage is incorporated in every step of this treatment, this creates a deeply relaxing experience. Combined with DNA Skin Institute organic skincare, skin is lifted, tension is released, blood flow is increased, and toxins in the neck and face are removed by means of light fast strokes, kneading, and percussive techniques.

    • thorough cleansing and exfoliation

    • neck and shoulder massage to improve blood flow

    • customized treatment mask 

    • skin evaluation

    • extractions if needed

    • Japanese facial massage to focus on creating lift and stimulating lymph drainage

    • 100% organic, natural, chemical and preservative free finishing products to leave the skin toned and glowing with health

    Japanese Restorative Facial is used to repair facial conditions attribute to age, lifestyle and environmental conditions. This system addresses and affects all skin conditions, including more difficult conditions like wrinkles and facial tone. It does this by engaging the body's natural ability to heal. Clients will see results immediately after the first treatment. With continued treatments clients will see lasting changes to their skin.

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